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Sgt. Hack

Hi, I'm Sgt. Hack. Welcome to my profile!

Sgt. Hack's Bio:

Sgt. David D. Hack is the co-founder and CEO of US Wings Inc, a military and aviation apparel retailer. Its headquarters is located in Hudson OH, where Sgt. Hack runs the day-to-day operation and maintains an active role in making sure his clientele receive the very best customer service. Sgt. Hack is also the CEO of Moku Man Island Wear, a division of US Wings that specializes in aloha shirts and island wear. Both US Wings and Moku Man products can be found at the US Wings website:


Sgt. Hack's military career began in 1957 with a four-year stint in the US Coast Guard. In 1964, he enlisted in the US Army volunteering for Ranger Training. Because of his prior service with the USCG, he was instead assigned to serve as a Harbor Craft Boatswain at the Ranger Dept's camp at Eglin Air Force Base, where he trained Army soldiers and officers in the amphibious phase of Ranger jungle training in preparation for deployment to Vietnam. He served on the Ranger Training Cadre for two years and later joined the 1st Infantry Division, serving as a sergeant with the Big Red One in Lai Khe, Vietnam in 1968 when he received combat injuries that ultimately ended his military career and earned him the Purple Heart.


Sgt. Hack was honorably retired from the Army in 1973 but before retiring, Sgt. Hack was an Army recruiter in OH and earned the title of the Nation's Number One Recruiter from 1969-1973, using unorthodox but highly effective recruiting tools such as "Sgt. Hack Wants You" t-shirts, a custom-painted Army Jeep, and a custom-painted Corvette. Sgt. Hack's custom jeep is on display in the Pratt Museum in Fort Campbell KY, the home of the 101st Airborne. Sgt. Hack's jeep is one of only two jeeps to ever be enshrined in a US Military museum, the other belonging to Gen. George S. Patton. After the military, Sgt. Hack went on to a career in law enforcement and was a former Chief of Police of Sebring, OH.


In 2011, Sgt. Hack had the honor of being presented the Purple Heart medal in a ceremony in Hudson OH, led by Congressman Steve LaTourette. Over the years, Sgt. Hack has received many other honors as well, including the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal in 2004. Sgt. Hack also serves on many organizations and military boards, including the VFW and the National Coalition of Veterans of the Vietnam War.

Sgt. Hack's Experience:

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